Dallas/Ft. Worth area dance lessons
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Client Testimonials

Ruslan Aydaev & Valeriya Kozharinova

2010 US International Latin Champions

The trips to Arthur Murray Dallas and Plano are always great, we enjoyed it very much!!! The students and staff were very nice, and organization is always on the level. Thank you very much for the ... READ MORE

Fiona Gorostiza

Fox 4 Features and Weather

"I'd never ballroom danced in the past, but I watched some movies. I just loved it after my first couple of lessons and decided to stick with it. It's a great way to exercise without knowing that ... READ MORE

Alice Lusk

Plano, Texas

My husband, Ed Lusk, had a massive hemorrhagic stroke on July 25, 2009. The prognosis was that he had about a 10% survival rate and if he survived he would have major right side deficits. He did ... READ MORE

Rebecca Miller

WB 33 Chief Meteorologist

"I had the most wonderful dancing experience with Arthur Murray Dallas for a local charity event. Not only was my instructor fabulous (and patient), but everyone from the reception desk to the other ... READ MORE

Jon & Janne Motter

Plano, Texas

I first purchased a group of five Arthur Murray lessons for my wife and me in December of 2005 as an "out of the box" Christmas gift. Little did I know at the time that we'd still be enjoying the ... READ MORE

Joe and Leisa Howard

United States National Nine Dance Champions, 5 Time Arthur Murray Nine Dance Champions,Arthur Murray National Smooth Champions, Arthur Murray Dance Board Members

To Whom It May Concern:

If you are reading this then you want to know more about your Dallas and Plano Arthur Murray Dance Studios! As coaches that travel to various Arthur Murray Dance Studios ... READ MORE

Jeff & Sarah Schneck

Dallas, Texas

An Arthur Murray Recipe,
Take one boring couple...living together, co-existing, happily married, but not really happy...raising three great kids to be just as boring as they are...biding time on ... READ MORE

Bob Powers

12 time undefeated US Rhythm Champion and 3 time World Mambo Champion

I have always found the Dallas AM studio as super high energy. Whether it was the enthusiasm of the staff or fun line dances they did in between lessons there always seems to be an effort to create a ... READ MORE

Kristin Meggers

Plano, Texas

I began my incredible journey with Arthur Murray in October, 2006. I will never forget walking in for my first lesson. It was a day of excitement. I came in that day thinking that I would take a few ... READ MORE

Michelle Montague

Former European, Open British, International, Irish & United States Champion

It is always a great pleasure for me to travel to Dallas to work with the great Students and Staff at the Arthur Murray Dance Studio's. There is never a moment of boredom as the energy is electric ... READ MORE

Richard & Kathy Joseph

Dallas, Texas

We have been taking a dance lesson once a week at the Arthur Murray Studio in Dallas for about 5 years. We have made it our “date-night”, going out for a casual dinner before dancing, and after 32 ... READ MORE

Heidi & Dean Somes

Dallas, Texas

My new husband and I love to travel the world and always have had great respect for those who can dance well, especially as partners. My then fiance, Dean, and I came to Arthur Murray just two weeks ... READ MORE

Tev Brannan

Plano, Texas

Sound familiar? I used to say the same thing and always promised myself - "SOMEDAY..." Well, on July 2nd, 2007 I made good on that promise and took the Introductory Lesson at Arthur Murray Dance ... READ MORE

Parker McCann

Dallas, Texas

For a couple of years now I have had the interest in learning how to dance better, especially the ballroom, latin, and rhythm dances. Being a 25 year old professional chef, I have never gotten the ... READ MORE

Nathan Higgins

Plano, Texas

I was recently asked to share how my experiences at Arthur Murray’s dance studio have impacted my life. So how do you give a testimonial with out sounding like a corny commercial? Well usually you ... READ MORE



When I started taking lessons at Arthur Murray, my self-esteem was at an all time low. I was devastated by my recent separation from my husband of 26 years and needed to find something I could do for ... READ MORE

Sharon Haltom

Dallas, Texas

I dreamed of dancing again…it happened. In the late 70s early 80’s., I was in a dance club that did West Coast Swing. Now thanks to my wonderful husband I am dancing again, doing more than just ... READ MORE

Deb & Clark


We started dancing at Arthur Murray March 2003 not long after the Dallas Studio relocated to the LBJ location.

I had been diagnosed with osteopena (the precursor to osteoporosis) in 2001 and was ... READ MORE

Michael Zepeda

Plano, Texas

My name is Michael Zepeda and Arthur Murray changed my life completely. Before Arthur Murray, I never really cared about how I dressed, acted, or how polite I was to others. I was a skateboarder, ... READ MORE



Two months ago I decided to try and take a few dance lessons just so that I would be able to survive at an upcoming wedding just in case I had the opportunity to meet someone who I might want to get ... READ MORE

Susan Iannaccone

Dallas Studio

I chose AM dance studio because, after watching DWTS, I wanted to learn correct technique. I have learned technique but many others things too. Such as:
1. A good partnership means active ... READ MORE

Dianne Carlson

Dallas, Texas

‘Liza Doolittle and I have a lot in common. She was single. I am single. She “could have danced all night” and so could I! Although those would be the only similarities I would have admitted to ... READ MORE

Chris Garrett

Plano, Texas

Where to begin...I love to dance! And thanks to Arthur Murray and the Plano staff of great teachers, they helped my husband and I become better dancers. It's wonderful to attend a party and my ... READ MORE

Gillian Horowitz

Plano, Texas

It is hard to find enough words to express how I feel about Arthur Murray Dance Studio of Plano. Though most people who meet me presently wouldn't believe it, I was a lost and broken soul before I ... READ MORE

Meryem Pearson

Coach and co-founder of the Canadian Dancesport Federation

What a pleasure to come to Dallas at your Studio!

The quality of teaching and management of your studio is an inspiration for me and all other Coaches.

The atmosphere and professionalism of ... READ MORE

Meredythe Loquet

Plano, Texas

According to the American Heritage Dictionary, to dance is "to move rhythmically usually to music, using prescribed or improvised steps and gestures" or "to leap or skip about excitedly." Ballroom ... READ MORE

Iris Goldberg

Dallas, Texas

I had always enjoyed social dancing and grew up doing just that and thought that I was certainly able to get by, but life and circumstances sometimes play their little tricks and my life was turned ... READ MORE

Julie Moncrief (mother of Taylor, age 7)

Plano, Texas

At age six, Taylor loved to dance and watch others dance. Ten months ago she began lessons at Arthur Murray, Wow! We have watched Taylor change from a shy little girl to a confident young lady who ... READ MORE

Karina Ramirez

Dallas, Texas

I fell into dancing right around the time I started graduate school. It happened one evening in February 2007. I remember I used to see the studio every evening off the highway, feeling tired from an ... READ MORE